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  • What is a Bridge?

    Sometimes unfortunately you may have to remove a tooth which has become beyond repair. This can then leave a space which you may find unsightly . In addition losing the tooth may make chewing difficult. If you wish to replace the missing tooth or teeth then sometimes Adnan may recommend a bridge . A bridge is made by placing crowns on the teeth on either side of a gap. The crowns are then joined by a false tooth that sits in the middle of the gap .
    Adnan will explain of this method of replacing your tooth will be appropriate for you.
    The process involves trimming the teeth to have crowns . This is done pain free with the help of a local anaesthetic . Once the teeth have been prepared correctly then a mould will be taken of the teeth . This is sent to a special laboratory where a your bridge can be made to measure .
    Bridges can be made of the same materials as crowns .
    1) all metal bridges are made of gold or alloys of gold and other metals
    2) all ceramic bridges can be constructed . This is a glass like material and can look very natural
    3) all metal bridges can be made which are then coated with ceramic material to make them look naturally like tooth

  • What is a Crown?

    A crown is made to restore the shape and function of your tooth. Usually it is made to measure and fit precisely over the top of your own natural tooth. It will help to strengthen your own tooth so that you return to normal function. A crown is the ideal treatment to help to restore a tooth which might be broken due to decay or because of a large filling that is no longer working . Crowns can also be used to improve the appearance of a discoloured tooth or discoloured filling. We sometimes will recommend a crown after you have had a root canal treatment on a tooth . Sometimes if there is not enough of your own tooth left then we may advise you to have a post crown made. This involves a metal post/pin being placed inside your root filled tooth . This helps to strengthen the tooth and allows a crown to be placed over the top of your tooth .
    Many different materials can be used to make your crown. Sometimes the crown is made of more than one layer of material . Typical crown materials include
    1. Porcelain crowns ( which can look very natural and are good choices for anterior teeth)
    2. Porcelain bonded to metal crowns . These are very strong because they contain metal under layer as well as a porcelain tooth coloured coating.
    3. All metal crowns. These are available in gold material and also in silver coloured material .
    Having a crown constructed is pain free and invokes usually a local anaesthetic . Your own tooth is then trimmed slightly into the correct shape for the crown to be made. A mould of your tooth is taken and then from this mould he correct crown can be made to measure for your tooth. Because the crown has to be produced in a special laboratory the dentist will cover your prepared tooth in the meantime with a temporary crown .
    The cost of your treatment will come from a combination of the time needed, plus any materials required.

  • How much will a Treatment cost?

    At The London Dental Clinic we are dedicated to providing an outstanding personal service at very affordable rates. After an initial consultation, we will tell you in advance exactly how much your treatment will cost – so there are no nasty surprises!

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