Ian - Clinic Manager

Clinic ManagerVisiting Lanzarote for the first time on 2009 with no previous knowledge of the island I immediately felt at home. It was by pure chance that the villa happened to be located in Tias, never did I image that I would end up living and working in the exact same town.

As the clinic manager I’m very proud of my team and how they respond to the changing trends of dentistry. Since we launched the online booking system to compliment the in-house dental software the staff have always risen to the challenge. Our next chapter is all about the new Dental Plan a low monthly payment scheme offering affordable routine care. Sometimes we all need to de-stress from our work environments and I’m no different “when” I get the opportunity I like to go running along the Avenida in Puerto Del Carmen, our beautiful island has so much to offer and I hope to make the time to spend with my family and to explore.

The thing I like most about this work has to be the opportunity to meet so many different people and knowing that we are able to make a profound difference to peoples lives. What do I think my colleagues say about me? I would hope they see me as an inspirational leader ? if not at least a fair one.

The business has grown significantly to incorporate new orthodontic and aesthetic treatments and I hope to see further expansion in this area over the next 12 months. None of this would be possible without the continued support from our patients. The amazing reviews we receive each week speak volumes about the clinic team and how hard they work to provide the best dental on the island.

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